Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

We walk for exercise, we walk our dogs, we walk to soothe our children, but there is another kind of walk: a meditative walk. I used to do those ALL the time before canines rocked my world several years back. In my zealousness with learning to exercise, house train and socialize my dog, I lost the meditative element of my walks.

Listen to the Walking Meditation:


With all this extra stay-at-home time I've been inspired to bring that meditative element back. My intuition did not disappoint. The results have reignited feelings of enchantment, comfort, peace, exuberance and so much more.

We breathe shallow when stressed. Stressed is not our natural rhythm. It says we are scared about somethingoften about something that hasn't even happened. There is something wonderful about being able to let that stress go even if it's only for a few minutes. Meditative walks bring us back into the moment, into appreciation, into the awes and wonders of nature. Breathing deep when you realize you have been breathing shallow can bring forth a smile of gratitude if you allow itin that moment you feel that who you are is enough and that's a pretty awesome feeling.

During a meditative walk with my dog I felt called to venture into the woods where we encountered grandmother and grandfather pine trees. What majesty. Rather than let the experience go to my head (think about who I can tell) I breathed it all in and let it nurture my heart. When I experience in this way a smile always emerges from deep within my being. The experience leaves me overflowing with gratitude. 

When in new territory we can lose sight of the practices that center us. I’m grateful to have gotten this practice back—something good from Covid-19 you might say. I have found that it’s more of a meditation without a canine companion but your experience may differ. I’ve been enjoying both. Theo is getting used to not venturing out with me every time I tie my sneakers. Under these 'stay home' conditions my guess is that he's enjoying a little zen time without his human too.

It's easy to find yourself drifting down a path of worry when your mind isn't fully engaged in what's around you. My heart goes out to those on the frontline and to those who are struggling. My hope is that this recorded meditation brings anyone who desires it, a little peace. You can literally walk it with your eyes open or walk it while laying down or sitting with eyes closed in an imagined setting. You can also start off with the Rehab for the Heart meditation first and then segway into this one as another option.

Here it is, in the raw.

With love from my front door to yours! 

Dr. Trish


  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for the recorded meditation. So much richness in being aware of the present moment. Blessings!

    1. Trish Whynot


      Yes! There is so much richness in the present moment.

      Thanks for the reminder and for commenting!




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