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About Dr. Trish


About Dr. Trish


About Dr. Trish

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About Dr. Trish

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed. began her career as a holistic counselor in 1998. She completed a Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education degree in 2000 and added a Holistic Life Coach Certification to her credentials in 2019. She is the author of “Why Me? Why Now? Why Not? Finding Opportunity In Your Obstacles.” 

Dr. Trish considers herself a professional listener, teacher and trainer for those desiring to love with their whole heart. She has been called names such as Meditation Teacher, Tour Guide for this Life, Coach, Dr. Trishy, and Whynot (her legit name in case you were wondering). A client once told her she feels like a kid on Christmas morning the day of a session, another said she seeks her out when in need of core strengthening and others have shared how a session was the highlight of their week. Dr. Trish does her best to make growth interesting and fun. 

Her career was born of her pursuit for health and wellbeing. In her counseling and in her personal life she embraces the truth, love and beauty that are ever-present even during challenging times. 

“How we think can hurt or heal and feelings are fuel for learning healing and growth,” says Dr. Trish. Her training as an ASAT™ C.O.R.E. counselor coupled with other metaphysical studies and personal experience, bring clarity and transformation to the root of physical, social and financial problems quickly.

Her clients are those desiring to live more, love more and be more authentic and open-hearted rather than closed off and guarded from their experiences. A problem is usually what prompts a client to pick up the phone. What keeps them coming is their desire to live more meaningfully, more deliberately, more abundantly, more extraordinarily and less stressfully.

Private appointments with Dr. Trish are available via phone, online, or in person at her Pittsfield, NH office. She can be reached at (978) 314-4545 and via email at Trish@TrishWhynot.com.

Trish’s Personal Journey into Healing

For the past 35 years, Trish has been on an active journey in pursuit of a living, breathing relationship with the Divine. The sprinkling of physical, social and financial “problems” along this journey have provided fuel for her pursuit. 

She did not always recognize her problems as fuel, or the journey as a search for the Divine, but in hindsight, the purpose is clear. Her pursuit led her away from religion to the studies of energy, metaphysics, crystals, the heart. Then back around to Thich Nhat Hanh, mindfulness, the stories of redemption and of Jesus’ unwavering faith and trust in God as Love in the Bible, studies in “A Course In Miracles” and adding a Holistic Life Coaching Certification to her credentials. Her studies and their application have led to the development of a deep understanding of her energy as it relates to the world. 

Some major events in Trish’s adult life eventually propelled her spiritual journey into priority position. The first was the development of TMJ in her early 20’s. She addressed the condition on the physical level but didn’t fully recognize the impact of its emotional components. Her next messenger was high blood pressure. She acknowledged its association with a strained relationship with her mom and they moved to create a little distance. Then at age 28 her husband developed cancer. Two years after the completion of his treatments the emotional trauma caught up with her. She was lacking a means for maneuvering through her feelings. She just couldn’t shake them and was worn down from trying so she sought assistance.

She got over the hump of the emotional trauma with the aid of a traditional counselor. But the piece her counselor couldn’t seem to help her with was what to do with her feelings. She knew what her feelings were and how she was supposed to respond to situations and was good at being honoring and respectful, but “What about all these feelings?” she remembers asking her counselor. She didn’t have an answer so Trish went in pursuit of one.

In the midst of these challenges she developed a sinus condition that turned chronic. She and her husband ripped up carpets, refinished hardwood floors and purchased air purifiers. Then one day while waiting in line at the pharmacy for her sinus medication, she picked up a book. She opened it to a page which stated how sinuses were where we store anger and unshed tears. She remembers thinking to herself, “I’m not an angry person.” But she started paying attention. She rarely let her anger show, but she did get angry inside, and sometimes she noticed she’d get angry when someone would hurt her. She also became aware of times she should have been crying, but would only get as far as angry.

At the age of 34, a debilitating repetitive strain injury starting out as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome forced her to stop and reflect. Her feelings came up in full force and her intuition sent her on an alternative healing path, which included journaling, learning to meditate, yoga and lots of self-help books. This journey led her out of her Type A personality and into learning to heal and grow through her feelings. Learning to process her feelings helped heal her injury, her sinus condition, her challenging relationships, and even some financial challenges. Eventually her healing path even led to a career change from business management to holistic counselor.

Trish initially thought she was in pursuit of healing her health issues and relationship struggles, but in hindsight she can see that it is always the way she is living her life that is most in need of healing. 

Trish’s studies have given her words to explain her experiences and with practice and intention she has developed a living breathing relationship with this wise inner guidance she has come to call her higher self. It is definitely her intuition and her direct connection to Source. In her holistic coaching studies it was referred to as the voice of love. Some refer to it as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, higher mind, guides, guardian angel and the like. It’s a voice that offers wise loving guidance; all we have to do is ask. As with any relationship, it continues to grow and deepen to this day. 

“Everyone can dialogue with their “voice of love.” It is a personal thing. It just takes a little education and effort to get started.” This is what Trish most joyfully teaches—connecting clients to their own truth. In any given moment we have a choice to come from fear or love. As Trish always says in a session, “Love does not create tension. Love does not create stress. Love does not create resentment. Fear does.”

Based on her studies and personal experiences it just made sense that if the physical is the last level to be affected that the other levels must also be addressed for healing to be complete. When changes are made mentally, emotionally or spiritually, the physical has to somehow shift to reflect them. On a metaphysical level healing is change; on a spiritual level healing is wholeness.

Trish’s personal journey has led to an understanding of God as Divine Love, Universal Intelligence and All That Is. The God she has come to know is incredibly loving and supportive of our heart’s desires, perhaps not in the way you would imagine, but in a way that is far more extraordinary. 

"What impressed me about Dr. Trish Whynot was her natural ability to see through the chaos of life's web and identify the root cause of problems," said Bob Olson in his interview with her. Bob was Editor of the now retired OfSpirit.com, he is the founder of Afterlifetv.com and author of The Magic Mala.

Read more about Bob's experience in "The Secret To Eliminating The Root Of Your Problems: Physical, Social Or Financial."

Dr. Trish’s Relationship with the Mineral Kingdom

Of the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms mineral is the closest to the heart of Nature. Dr. Trish has developed a particular affection for guidance that comes through the Mineral Kingdom. It took her a little while to come out of the closet with this relationship. Since there is no logical explanation, all she can say is she was definitely guided and had no idea why she was in pursuit of learning about stones. This is where she learned how when it comes to intuition the logic comes later. She studied with some of the foundational crystal healers of this time and the stones became yet another avenue for the Divine to dialogue with her through.

Dr. Trish has come to approach every facet of every day as an opportunity to dialogue with the Divine thanks to the Mineral Kingdom. She doesn’t believe anything that comes our way is random or by chance. Stones are chosen to set the intention for a session or to give clarity to what appears confusing. Wherever a client’s energy is weak they will be drawn to a stone that has that strength. 

The stones offer an invitation for the Divine to speak to us in a way that disengages the ego. This guidance always brings clarity and a fresh perspective to what has been confusing. It brings the sense of awe, wonder and enchantment many of us have lost touch with, back into life. And it adds the elements of lightness and fun to a session. The findings bring focus back to what we do have the power to change—to the level of the cause. 

Trish has learned that wise guidance does not always come through conventional channels.

“I’m kind of an old-fashioned guy who usually prefers more traditional methods of therapy: a punching bag, a journal or self-improvement tapes. So I was a little apprehensive about the crystals. They were a little “out there” for me and I didn’t really understand them. But hey, I had been dealing with this issue for a long time, so I saw no harm in giving the little rocks a try.”
~Bob Olson, founder of Afterlife TV

Read more about Bob Olson’s session with Dr. Trish and the Mineral Kingdom.  

Professional Development

Trish Whynot, D.C.Ed. has a BS in Business Management from Northeastern University, was certified as an ASAT™ Holistic Health Counselor in 1998 and received her Doctor of C.O.R.E. Education degree from the Institute for Transformational Studies with Dr. Martin Hart in 2000. She is Reiki I and 2 certified and her fascination with the Mineral Kingdom has led her to study with some of her personal favorites in metaphysics including the deceased JaneAnn Dow (after whom the Dow point was named) and Naisha Ahsian, Director of the Crystalis Institute and co-author of The Book of Stones. Her most recent studies include a certification in Holistic Life Coaching from the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching with Alan Cohen. She began seriously studying “A Course In Miracles” the beginning of 2014. She also has participated in formal Bible studies for 3+ years with the recently retired Pastor Cliff Gleason. Dr. Trish’s Whynot Way is a blending of personal growth and spiritual wisdom, which, to her means forging a path of truth and love from the inside out and from the outside in.


When Trish is not working, you will find her enjoying outdoor activities such as walking her dog, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, gardening or enjoying the arts, reading, writing, photography, and the seasons with her family, dear friends, cat and dogs.