Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT?

Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT?

Finding Opportunity in Your Obstacles

Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT? illustrates the opportunities present in some of life's more interesting scenarios. Depending on your approach to living, an encounter that could ruin your day could also positively change the course of your life.

This practical wisdom enlightens the heart while inviting the reader to go deeper into his or her own experiences in search of personal treasure and a richer connection with God.

A concentrated reference for anyone desiring to live and love more meaningfully, more deliberately, more abundantly, and more extraordinarily.

"Trish Whynot has a rare ability to crystallize life-changing epiphanies into a few words, i.e., 'Dream... it gives the heavens something to work with.' Every chapter in this inspiring book helps us take a fresh look at our beliefs and behaviors to determine whether they're serving or sabotaging us. It is a spiritual life-raft to help us stay afloat as we make our way in the world. Read it and reap."
~Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert and author of POP! and SerenDestiny

"What impressed me about Dr. Trish Whynot was her ability to see through the chaos of life's web and identify the root cause of any problem. She has the natural ability to see past the smoke screen of drama, chaos, and emotion and recognize the true origin of our physical, mental, social, and even financial issues."
~Bob Olson, OfSpirit.com editor

"It's rare for me to read anything twice, especially a self-help book about love and forgiveness, but the insights spill so easily and naturally from the page that the pages turn themselves. Rather than bopping you over the head, Trish's insights deliciously tickle those stuck spots to nudge loose bits of debris. Loved it!"
~Carol Bedrosian, Publisher, Spirit of Change Magazine

Table of Contents

“Why me?” “Why this?” “Why now?” “Why not?”

Chapter 1
Seeds of Change: Transitions In Mothering

In order to be sure that something no longer fits who I am, I have to try it on at least one last time.

Chapter 2
A Tale of Two Dads: Truths About Love

God tucks away truths about love in memories from our childhood. Redeeming these truths transforms us from victim to visionary. 

Chapter 3
Is It Loving Or Is It Selfish? How Fear Taints Love

Truth without love is condescending, and love without truth is enabling. But truth with love is liberating.

Chapter 4
Have I Forgiven? 8 Checkpoints On The Journey

Forgiveness is a gift to the one who forgives.

Chapter 5
The Naked Truth: Weight Loss and Our Relationship with God

A spiritual approach to any pursuit—even one as seemingly mundane or material as weight loss—always brings us to a deeper truth.

Chapter 6
The Health Angel Who Stood By Me

The further we stray from our centers the easier it is to blame our symptoms for our discord rather than thank them for being our personal GPS device calling for us to “recalculate.” 

Chapter 7
Coffee, Crystals And Empowerment

The day we ran out of coffee was the day I realized coffee had power over me.

Chapter 8
Evaluating Our Economic Spirit: Navigating Through An Economic Downswing

Attempting to fill the emptiness inside ourselves with purchases is fruitless because it creates emptiness in our bank accounts.

Chapter 9
Does Your Premise Allow for Miracles? Warrior Versus Wise One

A Warrior mentality will promote working hard to earn what you want while a Wise One mentality will promote working hard to become the person you must be in order to receive it.

Chapter 10
Why Can’t I Just Get Over It?

Real strength is born of humility—having the courage to admit when I am bothered and knowing how to use my feelings to lighten my past, illuminate my present, and brighten my future.

Chapter 11
Who’s Tickling My Face? Steps for Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Pets become a part of who we are and how we love. In this way they will always be with us.

Chapter 12
What’s in a Smile?

Don’t do what you do to please someone or in hopes of a particular outcome. Do it because it makes you smile with contentment for the person you are at the end of the day.