It Had All Been Going Well Until...

It Had All Been Going Well Until...

I always set the intention for whatever happens during a session to enhance the session and all involved with harm to none. This intention has been especially helpful during the pandemic because people are doing their sessions from home and things happenkids walk in, dogs bark at delivery trucks, neighbors come to the door. Clients often find themselves apologizing until I share my intention. From there we become curious.

The latest interruption was my little yipster. It got me thinking about when I began my practice of setting this intention for enhancement and a powerful transformation I got to witness.

It all started 9 years ago when I gifted my daughter with a puppy. She was graduating from college and had seriously been considering getting a small dog. She had never "really" wanted anything before so, needless to say, I was thrilled to gift her with something she really, really wanted for graduation. I even offered to help her with it for the first year because my daughter worked full time and lived in an apartment. Can you relate to gifting someone with something they really want? Feels great doesn't it!

I used to be uncomfortable around dogs. I hadn't grown up with one and we had cats and bunnies while raising our kids. My older 2 children, with the coaxing of their spouses, had adopted large rescue dogs. Their dogs would always jump on me and my kids were blaming me for it. "You're the only one they jump on," they would tell me. I couldn't fake that I wasn't scared so I thought that if I could be with a dog, beginning as a little puppy—a Yorkie-Maltese sized little puppy—that it would help me too. Plus, my schedule would allow for me to come home in the middle of the day to tend to its needs. Also, I was thinking that when it got a little bigger I might even be able to bring it to work with me periodically. Doesn't every heart melt a little when they see a puppy? It was definitely sounding like a win-win-win.

So on January 1st, 2011 we drove to the airport to pick up my daughter's deep heart's desire, 11-week-old Koda.

Now you've got the backstory so onto the intention piece...

A couple months in I started bringing Koda to the office. I would do a meditation where I would picture the clients for that day and their higher selves and state my desire to bring him only if his presence would enhance the session with harm to none. If I got a good feeling I'd bring him. My intention had been going really well... until this one time. It got challenged, you might say.

It was my first time bringing Koda with 2 clients back-to-back. I hadn't thought to allow time for a walk in between. He got super rambunctious during the second session with my client, Shari. I couldn't get him to settle down. All he wanted to do is have me play with him and I could sense Shari getting aggravated. I couldn't blame her. I asked her how she was feeling. Her response went something like, "I feel like the session is all about Koda."

The voice of fear in my head went wild: "She's mad at you, you should have known better, offer her a free session, excuse yourself to take the dog for a walk, ask her to come with you on the walk, put him in the car, you can't put a dog in the car." Then I remembered my intention and questioned how Koda's presence could enhance the session. I had no clue but began hearing my higher self's guidancethat voice of love inside my head. It reminded me that if I gave Koda 15 minutes of my undivided attention that he'd give me 2 hours to do my thing. So I got on the floor, patted the floor next to me and said to Shari, "Get on the floor. We're going to play with the dog." There wasn't a hint of apology in my voice, which shocked me, especially since I was ready to offer her a free session just a few minutes before.

Shari reluctantly got on the floor with me. Next I handed her Koda's ball. She gave me a baffled look so I said with a confidence that came from I don't know where, "Throw the ball." She awkwardly complied. He ran after it, brought it back and I handed it to her again to throw. After throwing it a second time she spoke from a place deep inside her heart, "My mother never played with me." WHOA!

She threw the ball a few more times and from that somber place inside spilled more valuable information. "My mother had 2 dogs. She treated them better than she treated me." WHOA! Again! No wonder Koda's vying for my attention had aggravated her so. It was familiar.

Shari threw the ball a few more times but with a lightness and confidence about her this time. When Koda had had enough she got back on the couch, I sat back in my chair and Koda curled up in his bed for a nap. We did a meditation to connect with that little girl who never felt enjoyed and felt she had received less love than her mother's dogs. Shari was able to give her a voice and offer her healing and love. It was powerful, in part because the work we do at this level can positively change the course of someone's life.

By the end of the session Shari had such love for Koda. She thanked him for the session and told him how she hoped to see him again soon. Shari's heart melted a little where it had been frozen that day. 

So why am I sharing this with you now, beyond the fact that it's a cool story?

  • Because many people are feeling at a loss right now.
  • People are talking about a New Normal.
  • It is loving to operate in a way that holds the space for the lives of all involved (yourself included) to be enhanced with harm to none. I certainly was at a loss when it came to picturing how rambunctious Koda could enhance our session, that's for sure. I'm glad I didn't follow my voice of fear's guidance. Shari would have left my office feeling like a victim with all the accoutrements if I had, rather than the willing recipient of soul-level healing.
  • To remind you that with intuition (the voice of love) the logic comes later.
  • To illustrate the difference in the guidance from the voice of fear (that can only access the database of what you know) and the voice of love (that has access to Universal Intelligence).

This pandemic is certainly an inconvenience, but so was Koda's presence, initially. I know that this is a small example compared to a pandemic, but what if choosing love rather than fear could positively change the course of your life and maybe even positively change the course of humanity too? After all, the forces for good were able to use my naivety and Koda's rambunctiousness to enhance the lives of all involved. Revisiting this story reinforces the power of love and that power IS love for me. Love has my vote for New Normal. 

Friends in this Love,

Dr. Trish

This story is being shared with my client's permission and blessings.

To read more about my take on the voice of love check out my "Reach Higher" blog post.


  1. Cherune Clewley says:

    I absolutely love todays' story/blog. I also grew up without any pets or any sort in my life. Learning to love kittens and cats was easy. Dogs? It took my adult daughter receiving a French Bulldog as a gift, before I slowly, then quickly learned about the beauty of dogs' gifts to humans. Now, when I see my neighbors large lab bounding for me, I wait and as soon as she is beside we have the most happy snuggling session. No matter what I have to do, where I have to go, two minutes with her opens my heart, brightens my whole day. My morning intention to have a wonderful, fulfilled day when I awaken is set in stone, when I see that beautiful, loving animal. Yes, I definitely get it.

    1. Trish Whynot


      I have such a big smile on my face right now!

      Thank you for taking the time to spread light with your beautiful story.



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