Have I Forgiven?

Have I Forgiven?

Have you ever thought you had forgiven someone until the subject came up and you realized it still had an emotional charge?

Forgiveness is a journey toward freedom from our past. It can be transformational, complex, is not to be taken lightly and cannot be commanded. It requires effort, discipline and soul-searching. When patient and open to the unfolding of forgiveness, a desire to forgive will be fulfilled.

You will know you have reached your desired destination when only love and gratitude remain in your heart for the person you have forgiven. When a hurtful past relationship has been transformed into an opportunity for personal growth and healing for which you are grateful—with or without an apology—then you know you are free.

Excerpt from chapter 4 Have I Forgiven? 8 Checkpoints on the Journey.

June 2nd Teleclass 8-9:30pm Discuss 8 checkpoints that lull you prematurely into forgiving and more. Free your energy with forgiveness and free yourself from misconceived notions obstructing genuine forgiveness.




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