Insight & Fun with Crystals

Insight & Fun with Crystals

This is a picture of all the stones set up. (After I chose my five stones)

A crystal reading fits into alternative medicine because it is holistic, vibrational, and utilizes meditation to heal. It helps to find the root of one's problems by connecting with and asking the stones for some clarity on an issue. The issue can be related to your health, a relationship, your finances or your life purpose. The crystals and the meditation raise your vibration so you can access the reasons why the issue is playing out. Bob Olson from explains: "But what I really like about the crystals is that they hold an energy vibration, so our own energy of body, mind and spirit actually resonates with the frequency of certain crystals, thereby assisting us in choosing the crystal that will best reveal the answers we seek. Because there is evidence to indicate that crystals really do hold energy, it helps me to understand why crystals are so effective in this work." The way the stones resonate with you helps you to not only learn about yourself in a crystal reading, but it helps you to identify what is going on in your life that needs healing.

I decided to use this experience as my experiential project because it has been so effective for me to grow towards optimal health and wellness. I have experienced a crystal reading before, but when I think of my first experience, I remember being a little skeptical. It was hard for me to visualize how the stones would help me. In a way, I was not confident that the reading would really help me. Many of my friends have tried them as well and they were so skeptical at first, but I talked them into it and they were extremely surprised at how the messages of the stones they chose really made sense with the issue they were asking about. I think this treatment is very useful because I have trouble expressing my thoughts in words and the crystals guide my thoughts so they make sense. Dr. Trish is great at putting the messages of the stone into terms that I can understand and she uses examples to help clarify them even more.

A crystal reading is a great way to get clarity on any issues you are experiencing. To start, Dr. Trish guided me through a meditation. The purpose of this meditation was to relax, breath, connect with the stones, and ask the stones to help me to answer a question. In my meditation, I pictured myself connecting with the stones through a bright light of all different colors that connected me with the stones. During this meditation, I asked the stones a question to help me understand an issue I was experiencing. It can be about anything, but this is not a psychic, they cannot predict the future. I asked the question: What is the message my boring job has for me? When I was ready, I opened my eyes and chose the first five crystals that I was drawn to. The stones I chose were orange calcite, blue celestite, kyanite, amber, and green tourmaline and each has a different meaning and vibration. Below is a picture of the stones that I chose.

These are the stones that I chose and this is the pattern that I organized them in.

The first stone I chose was orange calcite. This stone represents soul level creativity and is indicating that I'm experiencing blocked creativity. Creativity is not just art and music, but it includes any desires that you can create. For example, my dream car was a yellow Mustang. I had talked about getting this car since I was young and last March, my car died and I needed a new car. I began searching for my 2004 yellow Mustang, but I was concerned that I would not be able to make the payments. Many of the salespeople told me that I was looking for a "needle in a haystack" because I wouldn't settle for anything but yellow and there aren't too many out there. Finally I found two to test drive and I ended up getting the first one I looked at. Then, a new job came to me that was paying more money so I could afford these payments. This is an example of me creating my heart's desire. This relates to my question that I asked the stones because by being bored at work, I am not expressing myself creatively through my job. Although many people forget, a job is a way to express yourself through what you do. Many people have lost touch with this thought because they associate a job with paying the bills, which is also an important part of working. Working is not quite my desire right now and I will explain that in more detail later.

The second stone I chose was blue celestite. The message this stone brings is that I have spent many lifetimes as a spiritual warrior, which is when a person feels they have to fight for what they believe in. This lifetime, my purpose may be that I am here to be a spiritual wise one, which is when a person feels that it doesn't matter what others believe because you know. Currently, I am in the transition between the two and this may be why I am experiencing boredom at work. The warrior spirit sometimes gets in the way. The next stone confirms the thought about the warrior spirit.

The third stone I chose was kyanite and since this stone was closest in the arrangement pictured above, it confirms that the experience with my warrior spirit from past lifetimes is influencing this lifetime. Since I have been a spiritual warrior in past lifetimes, I am familiar with it and it is easier to fall into this position. My warrior is caught up in everyone's beliefs about work rather than my own beliefs about expressing creativity in the work place. When I express my creativity, I'm honoring my soul's desire and when honoring my soul's desire, I am supporting my soul and will then find a job that I enjoy. This stone's message is showing that I am in the transition between spiritual warrior and spiritual wise one, but once I reach my wise one spirit, I can co-create with my soul a job that I will find interest in. Also, I need to ask my soul, higher self (or inner advisor), and the universe and we can co-create my desires.

The fourth stone that I chose was amber and the message was that there are parts of me that are scattered. In order to express my creativity, I have to get in touch with these scattered parts that are unconsciously afraid to express themselves. Amber is indicating that I am critical of these parts and think that I have no creativity or talents. I need to believe in myself in order to attract people who believe in me. An example of this is my boyfriend who owns a web design company that he began in high school. He is a great example of a spiritual knower because he didn't have any self doubt. He valued his talents, which helped to express them, and people were interested in him because he was interested in himself and it made his work interesting and enjoyable. Currently my heart's desire is to get a house, get married and start a family, but I am only 20 years old so I cannot have my heart's desires of starting a family right now. I still have to finish school and have some money before I can follow my heart's desires. Working is just not on my list of desires at the moment, but I can look at it as supporting me financially so that I can get a house and save money to start a family. Right now I can focus on co-creating a job that I will enjoy and that can do all of those things for me so I can create my desire. A perfect example of this is my brother just graduated from college last May and he was looking for a job. Dr. Trish told him to meditate on a job that was in alignment with his desire for his future of going to graduate school. He got a job at Harvard Medical School, which was one of his choices for grad schools and this actually turned out better than he had pictured. Another example is that I was just offered to work 30 hours with more responsibilities rather than 24 hours per week and I accepted this offer to begin after I complete this semester of school. I have the time between now and then to co-create my job to be less boring and maybe I will get a raise. I need to put out my intention for this or better.

The fifth stone I chose was green tourmaline, which is about giving. Sometimes I can be over focused on what I am going to get and I lose touch with what I want to give. I need to pay more attention to where I am putting my energy. When I complain about what I don't like, such as being so bored at my job, I am putting my energy towards what I do not want. I need to begin focusing my energy towards what I do want.

After we went through all the stones, Dr. Trish led me through another meditation to set my intentions. In the meditation, I was taken to my safe place in nature, where I met my higher self. We talked about my desires and the parts of me that are afraid of my creativity including my warrior spirit. Then I brought forth the parts of me that need to express their fears and listened. I asked my higher self to give them what they needed. Then I called in my soul and my future self that is living that future. I took a sphere of light out of one of my chakras, placed my intention in it for a job where I could express myself creatively and that is in alignment with my future desire of buying a house, marrying and starting a family. I passed it around the circle with all the parts of me and the sphere got bigger, brighter, activated it, and let it go. Then I thanked everyone that gathered and the stones for their assistance in this co-creation.

Crystal readings always help me to look at things from a different perspective. With my job situation, I was very skeptical about taking on the extra hours because I really don't like my job. After having the crystal reading, I am sure that I want to take on the extra hours for the financial reward and the job satisfaction. I enjoy my job when I am busy, but this does not happen very often. Once I get an increase in hours, my boss will be giving me more responsibilities, which will hopefully keep me busy for the whole day. Also, I will be receiving more money each week, which will help me save more money for my heart's desires.

Before I had my crystal reading, I thought I was bored at work for the obvious reason that my boss was not giving me enough work to last throughout the day. From the crystal reading I have learned that there are additional reasons as well. I need to get in touch with those scattered parts of me to express my creativity and I need to complete that transition from the spiritual warrior to the spiritual wise one. Now that I have clarity on these issues, I can heal and co-create so I can grow and achieve my heart's desires.

I had the crystal reading on Sunday and this week I have been busy at work and didn't mind working. Usually I finish everything for the day very early and have nothing else to do, but I have been getting more projects to work on this week and this has filled up my day. I don't think that this is just a coincidence. I think this crystal reading has helped me to understand why I am bored at work and has allowed me to change it. In the book Crystal Journey: Travel Guide for the New Shaman, the author JaneAnn Dow says: "A period of meditation with fluorite taught me how to access the mental body in my own light system. I found the seed thoughts of patterns that were manifesting in my life at the time and I realized that if you can change your thought or image of an issue, you can change the issue itself" (33). This seems to be my experience as well. I changed my thoughts about my boring job and I have already seen a change in the issue itself. Another quote from Dow's book is: "The crystal shaman journey uses crystals and minerals to access the soul perspective of a client's situation. Behind every illness or any other kind of imbalance there is a seed, a thought form, a source" (33). The crystal reading helped me to see this seed, which helped me to change the issue. I have found that crystal readings are so helpful and I would recommend them to anyone. They help to express your thoughts and feelings and put them in perspective so that you can learn and heal from your issues.

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