2024 Calendar

2024 Calendar

When I take a photo and find a bird or animal that I wasn’t expecting in the landscape I might jokingly call the scene photobombed. But when it’s a pleasant surprise, serendipitous better describes my encounter. It is something better than I could have planned. A happy accident.

  • Getting up to watch the full, Super Blue Moonset on August 31st and finding that the sun is also about to rise, offering the moon a magnificent backdrop, was serendipitous for me.
  • Photographing fresh snow at sunrise and finding a juvenile eagle perched in one of the trees I’m targeting was serendipitous.
  • A critter swimming by during ice melt and climbing up onto the ice at the moment where I was wondering if it was an otter, a muskrat or perhaps a beaver was serendipitous. (It’s a beaver) Sticking around for a photo shoot was an added serendipity. 
  • The sunrise photo in November that revealed some heart-shaped leaves I hadn’t noticed until viewing the photo on my computer was serendipitous. Finding hearts when I least expect them is something near and dear to my heart as many of you know. 
  • The timing of a Cormorant scooting up onto a mooring buoy to rest and spreading it’s wings, while the sun is in the perfect place in the sky, and the water is perfectly still to reflect the fall colors was incredibly serendipitous.

These are just some of the serendipitous moments captured in my calendar photos for 2024. I desire to be more cognizant of these moments moving forward. The more cognizant and grateful I am, the more I allow life to touch my heart. I’m thinking that flipping my calendar each month to a new serendipity and having it on display all month long will be a great reminder.

If this sounds good to you too, here’s how to get a calendar. Calendars are $32 + $5 shipping. They are printed on high-quality, 12” x 8.75” glossy card stock. (frame worthy)


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