Gail Cannon Interviews Trish Whynot on Forgiveness

Gail Cannon Interviews Trish Whynot on Forgiveness

How is Forgiveness like yoga?

Like the Sun Salutation in yoga, forgiveness consists of a series of ‘poses’ or stages. When practiced, each stage flows into the next easily, gracefully and effortlessly.

What is the process of forgiveness?

We will be discussing 8 stages of forgiveness. Depending on the severity of the offense, the depth of its roots and your understanding of forgiveness, you may encounter one stage, a few stages, or all eight. Your more challenging situations to forgive offer the greatest liberation.

I am still angry over the situation, can I forgive?

Anger is one of the stages we will be discussing. It is a normal part of the process of forgiveness. When the practice of feeling your anger in a healing way has reached asana status you will be ready to forgive.

How can forgiveness improve my day-to-day living?

When you feel like a victim it’s very unnerving. You can’t relax and enjoy life if you are watching your back.

What are the advantages to forgiveness?

Understanding the process of forgiveness increases your understanding of the workings of life. The more you understand the workings of life the more logical it is to run toward it with arms open.

Can anyone do this?

To set forth on the forgiveness path only requires a desire to forgive or a desire to be free from your past. From there the universe will provide books, classes, counselors, circumstances and whatever else you need in order to achieve your goal.