I Honor Your Journey Little One

I Honor Your Journey Little One

Have you ever seen a dead deer on the side of the road or cat or dog or bird and thought some version of, “aww… that’s soooo sad?” I know I have. I even cried the other day when the car in front of me struck and injured a turkey that was trying to fly across the highway. Sobbed actually. Witnessing its struggle felt that awful for me.

A few years back I had an “aww… that’s soooo sad” thought with its associated sinking feeling after seeing a dead deer on the side of the road. But it was immediately followed by something I had read years before that made sense to me. The article was about how animals often run in front of a car when it’s their time to cross over. With that also in mind my, “aww… that’s soooo sad,” felt a bit selfish. How arrogant of me to feel bad for an animal whose time it is to meet its Maker.

This reckoning changed everything for me. I followed up my, “aww… that’s soooo sad,” with, “I honor your journey little one.” That felt so much better. Who am I to judge if the deer’s experience was good or bad. But I can bless it. And if it does trigger emotion for me—like the turkey—I don’t dismiss it. I just don’t put it on the animal. I receive it as food for my soul’s journey.

As a counselor and coach I abide by the premise: who am I to judge a soul’s journey. I’m not going to even pretend to know what it is and I don't need to know in order to honor it, but this took it to a whole other level.

Death can be a sensitive subject. I honor your journey with it whatever that might be. Some people heal spiritually and then die. Some are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or are they? Death can be viewed as a failure or as the ultimate transformation. It’s a choice and as you can see, I’ve chosen transformation but that doesn’t mean that I never wrestle with the feelings that it stirs or that it doesn’t sometimes take a while to come to a place of peace.

  • If you are wrestling with the loss of a pet, chapter 11 in my book, "Why Me? Why Now? Why Not?" may help: “Who’s Tickling My Face: Steps for Grieving the Loss of a Pet.” 
  • And if you are having trouble digesting some food for your soul’s journey maybe it’s time to schedule that session you’ve been wanting. trish@trishwhynot.com

I honor your journey,

Dr. Trish


  1. Judy says:

    Trish do you take insurance and what are your fees ?


    Judy Goudas

    1. Trish Whynot

      Hi Judy,

      Thank you for inquiring. I do not accept insurance. My fees are $165 for 1 hour and $185 for 90 minutes. I also offer blocks of 3 sessions at a savings. Feel free to call or email me if you have more questions. I also will be offering some mini-sessions this year. More on that in my next email blast. 978.314.4545 / trish@trishwhynot.com

      You also might want to consider the monthly book group that I will be starting. More details on that next email too!

      All the best with your journey. Let me know if I can be of assistance!


  2. Helen Thorgalsen says:

    So well said Trish. I was struggling with a friend being overly critical of someone else and this said it all. I or they may not agree with how someone chooses to live their life but it is not for me to judge or decide what their soul journey is. Whether it is death or a simple decision we make it is all part of the souls journey.

    When my daughters were little and I was divorced I kept trying to help them have a relationship with their father. That was until I realized they have their own path and it may not include a relationship with their father. Once I let it go and let them find their own journey we all relaxed about it and they have each created their own relationship with him.

    Thanks for helping me put the words on it ‘soul journey’ and gaining clarity on yes it happens for a reason, whether I like the reason or not.

    Looking forward to learning more about your book club. ??

    1. Trish Whynot

      Thanks for sharing how you were able to apply this concept to other situations! It truly does change everything doesn't it! And so cool that you found your missing word for explaining it in your own words!

      Thanks for adding dimension to my post!



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