The artistry and science of crafting an extraordinary life.

In the last 2 hours, your book has changed my life. I’ve been on this healing path for 25 years. This book took my healing to the next level. It was the final catalyst for me. It resonated deep in my soul. I feel like I’ve been reborn.

~Judy, MA

Dr. Whynot's book is not only an inspiration, but a work of sound advise for those seeking more from life. Her stories and insights will have profound impact if applied to your life. From her own experiences and those of others, Trish gives a powerful message for our time that all circumstances and events in life help us become more of who we are meant to be, if we will allow them to. After all, why not? My advise to Trish is to keep cranking out more books.

~Martin Hart, author of The Scented Flowers of Sinjin-Ka, and Best Meditations on the Planet, President, American Society of Alternative Therapists

Dr. Trish did so much more for me in 1 session than any PhD psychologist ever did. When I have a moment of real stress, when I am going through some dark times, or when I just need help making a difficult decision, I call her. She will help me get to the root of what is holding me back EVERY TIME!

~AB, Washington

You have that eye. You can see what other people can’t see.


I am an award-winning journalist and a serial entrepreneur with a MBA from the 'University of Hard Knocks'. I sought out Trish because I kept experiencing setbacks for my company—team members letting us down, deals suddenly unraveling. I began to sense something was holding me back from realizing the full promise of my innovative technology—and it was me! Over the past nine months, Trish has worked miracles in helping me to understand how old wounds and survival mechanisms learned in childhood can adversely impact our success as adults. In helping me to heal those wounds - replacing fear with power of love and gratitude—I am now attracting the people, situations and outcomes to get my company in flow. Trish has helped me find my authentic voice and flip negatives into positives to assure powerful 'win-wins'. And the healthier I am inside, the healthier my company. Thank you, Trish!


I see why people get excited to work with you... you have a sweet lightness that allows you to go really deep without it feeling scary or bad. You have a nice touch to your style!

~T, New Hampshire

My stubbornness and prejudice over the years about asking for help led to a complete collapse of my world. And that's when Dr. Whynot showed up out of nowhere. The greatest lesson I've learned from working with her is not to reject God's promptings, especially if they come from a direction I don't expect. Dr. Whynot may not be the traditional practicing Christian, but in many ways, her pursuit of God and her knowledge of His workings in our hearts surpasses most Christians I know.

~VI, Colorado

You've helped me tremendously, more than any other therapy I've done and I really came through to the other side feeling like a whole person and learning to love myself again. I still do meditations how you taught me, although not as often as I would like, but I'm so thankful for your invaluable knowledge and teachings.  I'm not sure if you remember, but one of our discussions was about my weight.  My highest weight was 280 and now I'm down to 177.  Woo hoo!

~A, Washington

Awesome!! Thanks Trish! You're an amazing guide! I hope that I make counseling as fun & unique for my clients as you do... you're a gem!

~T, New Hampshire

I would not feel as good about myself, and my life today, without Dr. Trish's support. She uses crystals like tarot cards to get things rolling. But, I most appreciated her talent in using guided meditation that allowed me to uncover, using my own images and symbols, deep barriers and untrue- or limiting-personal beliefs that had me stuck. I can't thank her enough.

~E, Massachusetts