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Dr. Trish, about two months ago you gave me a crystal reading that helped me get myself in the right direction. I want to thank you for an excellent session that put my issue in clear perspective.


Dr. Trish, you helped me so much. Your touch and guidance brought new perspective to my heart and I am seeing myself and others in a new light.  Thank you for that.


The ASAT™ C.O.R.E. Counseling approach is a wonderful tool to help people truly get well. Everyone needs this type of work, but especially those with chronic or recurring health problems will benefit. Trish Whynot is not only a gifted, compassionate counselor, but a good teacher. I have found that tools learned through sessions with Trish have assisted me in helping myself and others to heal. This work is the best I have experienced to help people integrate their spiritual, emotional and physical bodies and remove blocks that cause them to weaken. I would recommend this type of counseling to anyone.

~Dr. Marsha Krohn, Chiropractic Physician

After finding Dr. Whynot through her Web site, I wanted to take advantage of her therapy sessions.  Living four states away, however, seemed to doom my chances of working with her. To my delight I found she could accommodate phone sessions.  This has worked out great.  She is insightful, thorough, and caring.  I was skeptical at first, but she is so perceptive in person or on the phone that it really does not matter. I still got her full attention and sharp advice, even at a distance. She led me through VERY in-depth meditations that I would not have thought possible.  She is one fine source for healing and self-growth.

~Robert M., PhD, Pennsylvania

I thoroughly enjoy working with Trish. Her enthusiasm for her work, coupled with her compassion and understanding of people, is a true gift. My personal journey into self-discovery, spiritual growth and healing has been accelerated since meeting Trish. Through this vertical process of healing I have learned to access and change destructive patterns in my life at their source. I am excited to have found lost strengths that now are empowering me to create more fulfilling relationships in a future that I want.

~Moira Kiley, LATC, LMT

After beginning sessions with Trish, changes in my life required me to move across the country.  She suggested we continue our work via the telephone and it has been a very positive and helpful experience.  I believe I may have benefited from these meetings more than if we had done so face-to-face.  I was better able to focus on Trish's verbal guidance through meditation without distraction.  I would highly recommend this format to any of Trish's clients.

~Anne G., Arizona

Trish Whynot is a valuable resource, and her truthfulness is enlightening. My experience with Trish has been the key for positive change. Her counseling helped me take responsibility for myself and gave me a new understanding of spirituality. I now feel more powerful, peaceful, and hopeful for my future.

~Ellen L., Architect

Trish's methods of therapy through meditation are extremely powerful. Using her training and instincts, she takes meditation to a new level with even greater benefits than one could ever imagine. Instead of treating the symptoms, as many traditional therapists do, in working with Trish, you will find the root of the problem and work through it. Her methods are direct and definitely have had positive results for me...

~Lawrence K., QA Manager

Working with Trish has made an enormous difference in my life and helped me to take a major leap forward in my healing process from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My symptoms and energy level have improved tremendously in less than 2 months, and I have a sense of well being that I've never experienced before. Overall, it's been empowering, transformational, and liberating. I highly recommend it!

~Rachel A., Registered Nurse

Trish is amazingly insightful and helps me to think of the events in my life in a more productive and magical way.

~Traci D., Art Student