The artistry and science of crafting an extraordinary life.

You've helped me tremendously, more than any other therapy I've done and I really came through to the other side feeling like a whole person and learning to love myself again. I still do meditations how you taught me, although not as often as I would like, but I'm so thankful for your invaluable knowledge and teachings.  I'm not sure if you remember, but one of our discussions was about my weight.  My highest weight was 280 and now I'm down to 177.  Woo hoo!

~A, Washington

Awesome!! Thanks Trish! You're an amazing guide! I hope that I make counseling as fun & unique for my clients as you do... you're a gem!

~T, New Hampshire

I would not feel as good about myself, and my life today, without Dr. Trish's support. She uses crystals like tarot cards to get things rolling. But, I most appreciated her talent in using guided meditation that allowed me to uncover, using my own images and symbols, deep barriers and untrue- or limiting-personal beliefs that had me stuck. I can't thank her enough.

~E, Massachusetts

Your wisdom and guidance are so practical, yet so earth shattering... your interaction so gentle and loving, pure compassion... and a delivery with your very own, unique personality, something nobody else, anywhere, can offer... You've got such a powerful and wonderful message, and so many people are starving to hear what you have to say.

~J, Washington

I've done more in 2 sessions with Dr. Trish than I did in 2 years of traditional therapy. I can't believe how I'm drawn to the stones.

~K, Massachusetts

I got so much out of our session last night. I can't say thank you enough for all of the wisdom and guidance that you share.

~ML, Massachusetts

I’ve been on the path of personal growth for awhile, but with your help you have propelled me forward so fast in such a short amount of time.

~A, Texas

I would like to say that I had a great experience talking to you. You helped me to comprehend "what's been going on now" under a new perception and based on our conversation I made some very important decisions.

~C, Massachusetts

Thanks so much....you definitely said some things in a new way for me to consider...thanks again to your mineral collection!


Dr. Trish, I was greatly moved and awestruck by today's session.

~Elizabeth, Maine