Valentine’s Day Challenge & Everyday Love Challenge

Valentine’s Day Challenge & Everyday Love Challenge

I have an affection for holidays because they provide for reflection time. Or maybe because I take advantage of the time they carve out of my year. The fact that others are also reflecting energetically adds to my experience. I equate it to live streaming a lecture or participating in a mass meditation.

Valentine’s Day is a great day for tapping into the stream of love and Love. My definition of love is ever expanding. Sometimes realizing that I am practicing what love is not helps expand my awareness of what love is.

This past year I have focused on my use of the term, love, and I challenge you to do the same. I couldn’t help but notice how freely it is used on Facebook—I’d dare say, ‘in vain,’ even. I was guilty. My attempt to use the term more deliberately and reverently shined a light on where I was using it less so and so much more.

I love peanut butter was not a reverent use of the term, love, in my opinion. If you disagree or have something to add I am definitely interested because I’m always interested in expanding my definition of love and the awareness of its presence.

Would you agree that the term, love, has become a lazy man/woman’s adjective for things we like a lot?

Since this awareness I have been choosing to enlarge my vocabulary rather than continue abusing and watering down the term. Many things I have said that I love in the past have really been things I enjoy, have an affection for or delight in. I love people and I love animals but I’d be lying, based on my expanding definition of love, if I said I love the holidays. I love living beings and have an affection, appreciation or enjoyment for items, activities, special dates and TV shows.

We have somehow shifted from showering love as an expression of vulnerability to showering love onto things we know are incapable of receiving it or incapable of making the choice to love us back or not. Peanut butter is safe. It can’t walk out on me or demand more from me if I say I love it.

My Valentine’s Day challenge for you is to explore your use of the term, love.

  • Do you want to continue to shower corn on the cob with your love or are you ready to call it delicious?
  • And are you ready to let yourself touch the feelings you have for someone without a warranty that they will be returned or that expectations won’t be increased?

Wishing you a deliciously loving Valentine’s Day. In my expanding definition Love is how God touches me through others—sometimes patting me on the back for being on course and sometimes nudging me to indicate that I’m off. Expressing love expresses Love.

When you let yourself feel love you feel a presence in your heart.

From there you have a choice; to brush it off or breathe it in.

When you breathe it in it glows like an ember glows when you blow on it.

If fills you and takes you to heavenly heights.

I hope you choose to receive Love.

Much love to those who have patted me on the back and to those who have nudged and/or smacked me awake. One of these is you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Trish xo


  1. Helen

    The Aramaic language (Jesus' language) has 17 words for the word we call love. I do 'love' the idea of finding new words to express something I find immense enjoyment from. I also like the idea of thinking more about the feeling of love for people in my life. Thank you for the widening perspective of love.

    1. Trish Whynot


      That's fascinating! Thanks for sharing. I did a little googling. I can see the cause for confusion.

      Thanks for widening my perspective too.

      Happy Valentine's Day!



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