Reach Higher

Reach Higher

A Meditation for Reaching Higher

People are terrified right now. Some are terrified to not be working. Others are terrified to go back to work. Many are terrified of getting sick or because they are sick. Some are terrified that there might be a conspiracy going on. Some are terrified for their children. Others are terrified for their loved ones. Some are terrified of the unknown ahead. Some are terrified of those who are terrified. And some don't even know how terrified they are. Those who cannot access or articulate their fears are blaming others or playing them out through words and actions. I just read an article on the number of carbs people have been consuming. Where can we turn?

Everything people do comes either from love or a call for love. HELP! We need love! Can anybody hear us? What if we reached higher? Besides the part of us that is terrified, we also have a voice of love—a part of us that loves us unconditionally and can see our lives with clarity. A part that connects us with our Source which is Love, not fear.

When terrified we often forget that we have this part of us and some don't know this is an option even when they aren't terrified. I call this voice of love—this connection to Source—our higher self. Some refer to it as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Buddha, guardian angel, your higher mind, intuition, guides, whatever you want to call it. We all have it.

Your higher self won't interfere in your life unless you ask because it honors and respects your free will. Your higher self can show you solutions that have everyone's best interests at heart including your own. It's who you consult when you say, "Let me sleep on it." That's why some refer to Source as Universal Intelligence or God—it's the source of brilliant ideas, miracles and so much more. Your higher self is your direct connect. I don't think labels are important to your higher self or to Source but connecting is. I could write more but I'd rather have you experience it yourself in the meditation I recorded for you above and let you see for yourself.

My hope is for you to emerge from these pandemic times more aware, more conscious, more thoughtful, loving, honest, relaxed, grateful, humble, happy, integritous and less fearful—to reach higher for your guidance, your understanding and your answers. Whatever that means to you.

Friends in this Love,

Dr. Trish


  1. Mandy says:

    Awesome! Very nice!

    Visceral reaction at first. I had some energy to cleanse. But I literally came away with clarity and some action items between me and my higher self!

    1. Trish Whynot

      Thanks for commenting Mandy! Glad you found it helpful.



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