Vote for the Cover of our 2018 Calendar!

Vote for the Cover of our 2018 Calendar!

For the Zen of It

An image that might be cool intellectually becomes profound when viewed through the eyes of the heart.

Calendars are functional art for me and nature is a wonderful provider of images that speak to our hearts. The images can both inspire us and nudge our stuck parts rather than hit us over the head. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be nudged.

This year’s calendar and postcard-sized magnets offer thought provoking sentiments to mull around in your head for the month along with images of nature’s artwork to touch your heart.

If you’ve gotten away from nature and/or art I hope these images bring you back and if you’re already an appreciator I hope these images and sentiments take you one step deeper and higher.

Surrounding yourself with art that inspires and uplifts can change your life. Why not give it a try just for the zen of it.

Enjoy the calendar!

Friends in this Love,

Order online before 9/1 & receive a complimentary magnet ($5 value) with your order.  (Calendars are $25 & will be shipped mid-October.)

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