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Trish's wisdom and understanding have led me to a place I had only hoped existed. In a short period of time, I learned truth, honesty and I am now submerged in a deeper awareness. My experience with Trish has been a great one. With her compassionate words and her spiritual guidance, I feel more emotionally equipped than I ever have.

~Nicole S., Billing Specialist

Since working with Trish Whynot, I have become much more aware of how my thoughts and beliefs create my reality. Because of my awareness, I am learning to identify and process my negative beliefs and work to create new, positive beliefs in my life.  It is through Trish's insight and support that I'm working on more awareness and recognition of what I want.

~Nancy M., Asst. Director, Finance & Admin.

In my work with Trish I have identified and released issues and blocks that have plagued me for years.  I now know that I can work towards and ACHIEVE an abundance of happiness and success in all aspects of my life.  I can actually FEEL my life changing, and I am indebted to Trish for teaching me, guiding me, and supporting me every step of the way.

~Katie C., Reiki Practitioner

Dr. Trish Whynot's counseling program is incredibly effective! Her approach, knowledge and dedication is the essence of holistic medicine. She has helped me to tap into my own power and potential and to see how I could change old ways into new constructive behaviors. Development of Self is hard work and Trish will facilitate this process while making it as enjoyable as can be. Thank you Trish!

~Elizabeth L., M.Ed, FP, Fitness Management

I feel truly blessed to have "found" Trish. Her insight and guidance have really helped me become stronger in mind and body, more centered, and more true to myself. She has taught me how to be aware of negative patterns and how to change them, and of the connection of stress and physical pain. Within one session, a severe and sudden case of what I thought to be carpal tunnel syndrome, was found to be emotional stress taken out on my physical self, and immediately ceased once I had "let go of it". I am grateful for the tools she has given me, and continue to learn and feel happier with each visit.

~Jennifer P., Jewelry Designer

Trish has provided a safe, nurturing environment where I felt comfortable to deeply explore my belief system, who I am, and what my life is about. Through meditation, counseling, crystal work and conversation I have been able to delve into my past, choose to live fully in the present and find purpose and joy by making necessary changes of attitude, insight and getting unstuck. I felt a spiritual connection with this amazing, loving, compassionate healer, guide and teacher. I am now empowered to take responsibility for my life.

~Joanne M., Children's Advocate

I still believe that I would not be where I am today if not for you, Trish….You will always have a special place in my heart and in my life as someone who gave me the tools to change my life, and for that I will always be grateful and indebted to you!!!

~Katie C., Certified YogaKids Facilitator

Dr. Trish, thanks for being a part of my journey. You have helped me to open up to myself in ways I never realized were possible. I am really feeling good about myself and I know that every time I slip back I have the tools to keep me going…thanks to you.  I know I have it all inside of me and I can do it, for myself. I am so grateful for all your help, you are an amazing person and I have been truly privileged to have you in my life to help guide me on my path.

~Tara M., Domestic Engineer